What’s single door access control system?

“What are single door access control systems?” This is a question that is asked by many people, especially those trying to secure the entrance of their door or building with advanced technological devices. It can be defined in simpler terms as any technique that is used for controlling passage to any area, either way. The simplest form can be termed to be a standard lock which uses a brass key.

With time, access control systems only have become all the more technologically advanced and sophisticated. These days, this term refers to electronic card, computer-based access control system. It tends to make use of special access card instead of a brass key to provide permission to enter the secured area. They can be termed to be among the most commonly used type to control entry and exit into the building. They can also be used for controlling access to any specific part of the building interiors to enhance safety. Its purpose is to offer the authorized person with quick, easy, hassle-free and convenient access as well as to restrict access of unwanted and unauthorized people.

1, A wonderful system to secure the building

This system according to the industry experts is stated to be a simple, but highly effective way to control access through the main entrance or to any particular section or room in the building and secure the area. The access control stand-alone single door system is just perfect for those eager to step up the security of their home or office, protect family, staff, and assets, as well as save precious money.

2, Why select standalone system?

There is a genuine need these days to order for a standalone system, but only from a reputed company that has earned a reputation in the domain. This system usually is a single or two small units which are directly wired onto the door panel for providing better access and control to the door. PC network will not be required for the operation. Also, there is no required to secure each and every single door present in the building. The system can be added with user tokens within seconds. This is achieved by presenting the door with an enrolment card. Moreover, administration of the system is easy, quick and straightforward. It allows things to be done within minutes. Visitors and staffs are provided with electronic tokens and not keys. In case, the token is lost, then it can be barred effortlessly from the system by presenting the reader with a shadow card. It will make sure that until the original token gets found, it remains inactive and not used for the purpose of gaining unauthorized access into the secured area and compromise building security. But changing locks and replacement of keys as they are found missing is likely to be expensive and inconvenient. The standalone system is said to make use of simple token management for reducing operating costs involved. Therefore, if a token is lost, then it can simply be barred from this system, thereby meaning keys or locks need not be changed at any point of time and still maintain very high security of the place.

3, What else can the single door access control system kit offer?

Besides being easy to use, this system does come with several interesting features that can be associated with those more advanced systems. A good branded standalone access system is sure to be hands-free, have vandal resistant abilities and be energy saving. Besides this, they should also be designed to appear smart and be stylish to suit any exterior or interior.


The hands-free interface can provide easy access to the different rooms of the building even to wheelchair users. It can read the token from the pocket or handbag and complies with DDA requirements. It can even offer convenient and swift access, where presenting token can be quite tricky. It is also wonderful to be used in warehouses that have forklift trucks. With longer read range, it is possible to read tokens kept inside the vehicle.

Energy saving

The energy saving reader can help to prevent wastage of precious energy and money. This system is quite an idea to be used as a switch for managing different electrical types of equipment, lighting, heating, and water. It also means that the user needs to pay only for energy that is consumed. When appliances are not used, they can be switched off, thereby improving the building’s green footprint.

Design readers

The readers are created stylish and quite suitable for the modern smart offices, design-led interiors, and swish hotel lobbies, where appearances do matter a lot. The readers are designed so as to fit and complement all environments.


The single door access control systems can be termed to be an all-in-one solution for internal and low-security doors. The compact system is created from one reader, without requiring a separate control unit, thereby offering a neat access solution.

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